We are a team of bad-asses, three friends who live for the love of growth, and developing a community of other lovers of this life to play with.

We show up to do this every day because we believe we can have more connection, love and ease in the world and we know it starts with us... By doing the work in our own lives, we have a map to bring you.

We want to see a world where people have the relationships they desire and the tools and self awareness to stay in them.

We promote a world where people feel connected to the intuition of their bodies and trust that as their internal compass.

We stand for a world where people have the tools to come together to negotiate, collaborate and co-create so that our individual dreams, that were once far fetched concepts or desires, become collectively realised and manifest.



This whole life and existence business is pretty mysterious huh!?

Contemplating this can be a futile navel gazing exercise - maybe entertaining for a bit but easily an intellectual maze to get lost in.

We look for the pragmatic answers: the differences that make the difference. Collectively we have more than 6 decades of psychological and spiritual training. Each of us has dived deep and explored vast territories of consciousness and humanity. Out of this we’ve distilled what works, and we strive to live it every day...

We want to share the knowledge and practices that manifest our deepest desires and put a spring in our step.

We want the openness and robustness to explore the full spectrum of experience life has to offer, including abundance of time, money, sex, love, friendship, community, growth and joy.

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As the three of us found ourselves in a growing friendship we all discovered a shared passion for social and cultural change, yet from a spiritual perspective. What this means is that we have studied evolution in human consciousness, as it has occurred until now, and have well-informed predictions of where it is going.

There is a calling, an ache, a yearning, that we find in ourselves and in many, many others, that desires something more. Do you feel it?

A more beautiful world.
A world where each of us is welcomed, honored, cherished and free to live to the fullest, utterly unique potential we all have inside.
A world where science and nature are harmonised, and our environment is respected and loved as a vital and fundamental part of who we are as a species.
A world in which we may all thrive.
The vision of this is big, way beyond just the three of us.
It includes You.
It includes all of us


our founders & facilitators