to be authentic...

is the journey of discovering and revealing who you are, in all your beauty, power and uniqueness


By learning and practicing authentic relating over years we at Triibe have noticed the impact on our own lives, personal growth and relationships has been profound, along with many course participants and clients we have facilitated.

We are passionate about facilitating deep capacity for connection. We believe the skills to relate more gracefully and maturely with each other will contribute to healing and creating a more beautiful world.


The impact of living from a place of in-authenticity can be painful. It is so easy to misunderstand, and be misunderstood; to be triggered and emotionally reactive; to hold all kinds of unconscious, and often incorrect, assumptions about others; to feel scared and limited in sharing vulnerably. All of these limitations in A relational capacity can create disconnection and dramas in life, especially with loved ones.


The Authentic Challenge offers:

  • A free 5 part process delivered directly to your inbox every 3 days

  • Exercises that show you, step by step, new ways of relating

  • Clearly articulated theory to help you understand the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of becoming more authentic

  • Membership to our dynamic Facebook community where you can gather support on this amazing life path