• Throw tantrums when you don’t get your way - even if it’s just a little sulk and pout

  • Don’t know how to ask for what you want - or are one of those overly demanding people that irritates the hell out of everyone

  • Get triggered all the time - Like all-the-damn-time

  • Do that whole, seriously awful, ‘silent treatment’ thing when you get hurt - even if it’s just a little sulk and pout

  • Suppress anger - - until it eventually explodes out sidewards over really dumb shit

  • Settle for less intimacy than you actually want - and tell yourself over and over “if only they would change then it would finally get better”

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  • Struggle with feedback or criticism - becoming a defensive monster or a collapsed puddle at even the tiniest hint of disapproval
  • Are harbouring a backlog of resentment - to the point that all you can see is that time when he/she did that horrible thing. You know, that thing… three months ago
  • Think smalltalk is so fucking boring - that you’d rather watch Netflix than go out and socialise
  • Are a people pleaser - and feel absolutely exhausted from endlessly and uselessly trying to please the whole-freaking-ungrateful-world
  • Are shy and awkward in social settings - that you might as well be holding a lamp in the corner
  • Try so hard to look good - that you can’t even see yourself through the noise of all the backseat drivers in your head



At a practical level, the way you relate with someone will determine the quality of the relationship you have with them. Your mental and emotional well-being absolutely depends on your relationships, and the level that you feel connected in them. 

Not only that but also your ability to be a powerful leader, create an engaging work space, make a meaningful impact in the world, all while living a kick-ass life, entirely rests upon this foundation of high-quality relating. 

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Relating is a capacity that can be learnt and developed, however it is rarely ever taught to any functional degree.
Most of us are so starved for connection that we no longer realise how much it hurts.

Our education systems didn’t teach us how to relate with each other, and for most of us, our caregivers and teachers also did not provide very good models growing up.
There is no shame in this.
We weren’t taught how to create depth in our relationships, or navigate conflict gracefully, yet many of us live in quiet denial secretly yearning and knowing that more IS possible.


There is a roadmap of self-awareness that will allow you to show up more fully as yourself, with healthy boundaries, clearly expressed needs and desires, and a strong sense of who you are.

Couple this with the skills to bring the same out in the people around you, and you have a recipe for a whole new world of incredible friendships, passionate romance, fulfilling work-life and healthy family dynamics.

Words cannot adequately describe just how powerful, beautiful and liberating having these types of relationships are. They need to be experienced, and the current relational Foundations we’ve been taught just-aren’t-good-enough. We need new ones.


Foundations is a training that leads to so much more than a weekend experience...


Doing this...

Has been so incredibly transformative for me. Before, I felt lonely and unseen all the time, even with an active social life. I often projected who I thought others wanted me to be so I’d get acceptance and connection. I hid large parts of me away, largely without even realising it. Really owning and sharing who I actually am has felt so fucking liberating! And it’s not only my relationships that have transformed, but also my sense of personal power - how good I feel about myself and my ability to create results in my life.



Foundations :: Course Structure

Weekly Classes x 4 & Immersion Weekend


5 weekly classes + Q & A Calls


MODULE 1: Embodiment

  • The power of presence - how to actually “be here now”
  • Beyond words - using the body as an instrument for deep listening
  • Take your space! - live with confidence
  • Intuitive calibration - the sensitivity to navigate physical space with others

MODULE 3: Skilful Projection

  • Taking a stand for you! - receive what fits, reject what doesn’t
  • Listening for the deeper layers - how to really get to know someone
  • The art of appreciation - giving feedback that feels amazing
  • Project or reflect - the difference between assessments that hurt, and that heal

MODULE 2: Vulnerability

  • Share yourself - learn to love the sensation of vulnerability
  • Be trustable - the inner postures of receptivity
  • Drama or connection - how to reduce the former, and increase the latter
  • Emotional boundaries - stepping away from codependent patterning

MODULE 4: Self-Authorship & Desire

  • Drop the masks - show who you truly are, discover true confidence
  • Celebrating autonomy - untangle the subtle ways you try to control others
  • Hiding nothing vs revealing everything - what actually is too much?
  • Asserting yourself - elegantly claim what you really want

deep dive weekend :: module 5 to 8


MODULE 5: Discovery

  • Curiosity - the force that generates insight and connection
  • Turning towards discomfort - how to navigate conflicts with grace and ease
  • Entering the “We” space - ultivating authenticity and intimacy in groups

MODULE 6: Fundamentals of the practice

  • Context setting - how you frame a conversation matters!
  • The practice container - logistical components for a solid practice
  • Building the connection muscle - what to be aware of as your practice develops

MODULE 7: Expression & Play

  • Express yourself - let your spontaneity guide you in co-creation
  • High level play - playing in a way that includes your whole being
  • The buzz of intimacy - get naturally high on connection

MODULE 8: Integration

  • Beyond catharsis - transformation that is sustainable and ongoing
  • Safe landings - no post-workshop crashes here!
  • Taking it home - making real growth a consistent part of your life

here's what they say...


Anna Jaaniste, Artist & Facilitator


“What an awesome group of people! Meeting the Triibe and it’s members has been an amazing experience so far. Amazing, because they bring their gifts and knowledge from their unique path so far traveled and they put it into creating a unified field: Triibe.

They have helped me become increasingly present to what’s authentically here for me. Helped learn to express it and observe my impact on others, and others’ impact on me. They’ve given me not just support but also a friendship during times of hardship and life transitioning. I’ve learned skills that I can use in the personal as well as in the professional arena. Triibe’s generosity with their time and support extended beyond what’s ‘normally’ expected from a course or workshop training.

Also, witnessing their hunger for deeper knowing, understanding and continuous learning is inspiring on my professional level too. As a psychologist I too engage in ongoing learning, and I too have a hunger for knowledge. To see this equaled and also surpassed in Triibe, is deeply exciting.”





key dates


Thursdays 7pm-10pm

13th, 20th, 27th of MARCH, 3rd and 10th of April 2019

4 X WEEKLY Q & A calls

Tuesdays 7pm-8.30pm

19th and 29th of MARCH, 2nd and 9th of APRIL 2019


Sat 13th of APRIL, 10am-9pm

Sun 14th of APRIL, 10am-6pm


Foundations 2 will be early 2019. To ensure you place please register interest via info@triibe.earth

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