Your body is your connection to this life

Just how aware of your body are you?
How powerful do you feel?
How free and spontaneous are your relationships?

Inhabit your body… Inhabit your life

Triibe is all about practice!
We know that to make serious changes in life we can’t just talk about it, we have to enact it.
… and embodiment is the key to any genuine transformation.

**Move beyond mental stagnation into adaptability**
**See your emotions as an experience happening to you, rather than who you are**
**Live a life of purpose by embodying your values**
**Find the flexibility to move beyond stuck relational patterns**

This is an experience packed workshop designed to facilitate you into greater alignment between your thoughts, emotions, desires and this body you live in.



A 5 point embodiment map - applicable to any facet of your life
Emotional resilience - how you can use posture to track and shift your emotions
Mental agility - fluidity in the nervous system for rapid responsiveness
Embodied relating - novel options for connection and collaboration

Low investment, high fun, serious skills.


Upcoming Workshops @ Kundalini Yoga Collective, Newtown
10.30AM - 5.30PM


What to expect:

Presentation of a simple set of distinctions to enhance your embodiment practice in any domain of your life.

A set of practical tools to navigate gracefully between these domains, with the potential to accelerate your ongoing development.

These practices will be done in pairs, small groups and some within the whole group.

Practices are movement or conversational based, safely leaning into edges of vulnerability.

About your facilitators:

Khali Young
Khali is a sexy geek. Filled with burning passion, he breathes fires of transformation and smoke of expansion.
The force of his love dispels illusions and warms the spirit. 

Damien Bohler
Damien is like the wind. Adaptable, unpredictable, untamable... and with the power to blow your fucking house down.
Also good for flying kites.

Prem Kalpa

Prem is a powerhouse, centred and grounded, she knows how to keep shit real.
Like tectonic plates shifting she will take you off balance, yet don't worry... she knows how to catch you too.