• Don’t know how to ask for what you want - or are one of those overly demanding people that irritates the hell out of everyone

  • Struggle with feedback or criticism - unable to differentiate between what they think about you, and what you know to be true about yourself

  • Settle for less intimacy than you actually want - and tell yourself over and over “if only they would change then it would finally get better”

  • Think smalltalk is so fucking boring - that you’d rather watch Netflix than go out and socialise

  • Find yourself fighting over the silliest things with your loved ones - only to find that it’s almost always just a simple misunderstanding, and yet you continue to repeat the cycle

  • Are so shy and awkward in social settings - that you might as well be holding a lamp in the corner

  • Can’t seem to “fit in” no matter how hard you try - with a little tickle in your mind that says that… “surely there is a more authentic way to express myself?”


FOUNDATIONS teaches the embodiment of healthy relating


At a practical level, the way you relate with someone will determine the quality of the relationship you have with them. Your mental and emotional well-being absolutely depends on your relationships, and the level that you feel connected in them. 

Not only that but also your ability to be a powerful leader, create an engaging work space, make a meaningful impact in the world, all while living a kick-ass life, entirely rests upon this foundation of high-quality relating.

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Relating is a capacity that can be learnt and developed, however it is rarely ever taught to any functional degree.

Most of us are so starved for connection that we no longer realise how much it hurts.

Our education systems didn’t teach us how to relate with each other, and for most of us, our caregivers and teachers also did not provide very good models growing up.

There is no shame in this.

We weren’t taught how to create depth in our relationships, or navigate conflict gracefully, yet many of us live in quiet denial secretly yearning and knowing that more IS possible.
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There is a roadmap of self-awareness that will allow you to show up embodied and grounded, with healthy boundaries, skilfull communication, clearly expressed needs and desires, and a strong sense of who you are.

Couple this with the ability to welcome the best out in the people around you… and you have a recipe for a whole new world of incredible friendships, passionate romance, fulfilling work-life and healthy family dynamics.

Words cannot adequately describe just how powerful, beautiful and liberating having these types of relationships are…. they need to be experienced

The current relational Foundations we’ve been taught just-aren’t-good-enough.

We need new ones.


Foundations is a training that leads to so much more than a weekend experience...



here's what they say...


“What an awesome group of people! Meeting the Triibe and it’s members has been an amazing experience so far. Amazing, because they bring their gifts and knowledge from their unique path so far traveled and they put it into creating a unified field: Triibe.

They have helped me become increasingly present to what’s authentically here for me. Helped learn to express it and observe my impact on others, and others’ impact on me. They’ve given me not just support but also a friendship during times of hardship and life transitioning. I’ve learned skills that I can use in the personal as well as in the professional arena. Triibe’s generosity with their time and support extended beyond what’s ‘normally’ expected from a course or workshop training.

Also, witnessing their hunger for deeper knowing, understanding and continuous learning is inspiring on my professional level too. As a psychologist I too engage in ongoing learning, and I too have a hunger for knowledge. To see this equaled and also surpassed in Triibe, is deeply exciting.”




Foundations :: Course outline

3 day deep dive immersion


A series of embodiment postures that you can take home as a daily practice to instill and cultivate relational ‘attitudes’ to ground and empower your relating.

  • Presence - how to actually “be here now”

  • Being-Right-With - accepting others, even when they are different from you

  • Non-Judgment - distinguishing meaning-making from ‘the truth’

  • Non-Attachment - understanding the shifting nature of your thoughts

  • Differentiation - An embodied practice to free yourself from enmeshment

Relating Skills

A set of conversation skills, in both expressing and listening, to take your relationships deeper.

  • Curiosity - take any interaction into new and uncharted territory

  • Sharing Impact - how to create circuits of connection

  • Revealing Vulnerably - sharing yourself with discernment and clarity

  • Reflection - learn the immensely valuable skill of reflective listening

  • Desire - asking for what you want without attachment

Group Practice

Everything you learn is practiced real-time in groups which allows you to learn and expand your range in a way that is safe and supportive.

  • Experiment - explore new ways of being with others

  • Real Time Feedback - experience the impact you have on others

  • Be Seen - receive high quality attention, bringing your ‘essence’ alive


It’s so important to us that this workshop is not just a weekend experience and instead that you are able to take everything you learn back into your world, increasing the quality of your life.

  • The Foundations Model - learn and apply this simple yet powerful model

  • Community - join a growing community of people who care about the way they relate


3 Day Deep Dive immersion
Dates & Times

8th - 10th June 2019

Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 10am-9pm

Monday 10am-7pm



We are experimenting running Foundations in The Gift Economy

...human beings naturally desire to give. We are born into gratitude: the knowledge we have received and the desire to give in turn. Far from nudging reluctant people to give unto others against their lazy impulses, today’s economy pressures us to deny our innate generosity and channel our gifts instead toward the perpetuation of a system that serves almost no one. A sacred economy is one that liberates our desire to work, our desire to give
— Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, And Society In The Age Of Transition

Watch the video below to hear about our experiment


To learn more about Gift Economy checkout Charles Eisenstein’s awesome course, Living in the Gift.

We suggest a donation of $200-$500. However it is totally up to you what you want to give, reflecting your financial condition as well as your feeling of value and gratitude. Zero is welcome as well. We offer the course as a gift, trusting the generosity of participants to support us. If at the end of the course you would like to modify your payment by paying more, or asking for some of your money back, we also welcome that.