Want better relationships? Learn to relate better

  • Do you feel socially awkward - pretending to be more confident than you actually are, just so you can fit in?

  • Are you telling the same stories over and over again - thinking that this is what makes you interesting?

  • Have you found your life purpose but the only people you know how to talk about it with are your friends - and they aren’t your customers?

  • Does your romantic relationship mostly revolve around the kids, what’s on Netflix, or what to eat for the next meal? - Be honest… when was the last time you actually had an inspiring conversation with them?

  • Does it look like you have heaps of friends, but deeper than deep down you don’t really believe any of them care about you?

  • Is your social world actually quite small, but that’s ok, you don’t need any other friends - but really you are trying to protect yourself from how awkward you feel, despite your external success?

  • Are you complacent and resigned to superficial and monotonous conversations at work - even though you spend most of your life there, not believing that it could be any different?

  • Are you in pain with your family, struggling to be accepted for who you are… or having to always put on an act around them -  resulting in feeling unseen and more distant than you wish to be?

How did we come to accept these states as normal? Is this truly the life our innocent and joyful child selves wished for?

There are skills you can learn to change this.

The reality is that most of us just haven’t been taught how to relate to others. We spend years and years being educated… maths, essays, science, arts and crafts… and yet never was there a class about conversation, and just how important and necessary conversational skills are in having high quality, meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


At Triibe we believe that a more beautiful world starts with amazing relationships, and amazing relationships start with amazing relating skills

We break down these fundamentals of relating and teach you, experientially, how to practice these skills in your day to day life.

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  • A three stage map of conversation - how to navigate a conversation with ease

  • Comfort in vulnerability - know how, what and when to share

  • The power of curiosity - never be lost for words again

  • Impact and intimacy - skilfully let others know how you really feel

You can’t afford NOT to have these skills!

Upcoming Workshops @ Kundalini Yoga Collective, Newtown
10AM - 5:30PM

What to expect:

  • Presentation of a simple set of distinctions to understand and recognise layers of depth that occur inside a conversation.

  • A set of practical tools to navigate gracefully between these layers, turning conversations into exciting, interesting and fulfilling explorations.

  • How to use these skills in any context - from dating to romantic partners to friendships to family dynamics to work environments to making sales

  • A lot of practice, done in pairs and small groups, so that you really get to see, experience and learn just how powerful having these skills is

About your facilitators:

Khali Young
Khali is a sexy geek. Filled with burning passion, he breathes fires of transformation and smoke of expansion.
The force of his love dispels illusions and warms the spirit. 

Damien Bohler
Damien is like the wind. Adaptable, unpredictable, untamable... and with the power to blow your fucking house down.
Also good for flying kites.

Prem Kalpa

Prem is a powerhouse, centred and grounded, she knows how to keep shit real.
Like tectonic plates shifting she will take you off balance, yet don't worry... she knows how to catch you too.