Triibe :: Relate is a workshop that teaches you important skills
to improve the quality of your ability to relate, and as such increase the quality of all your relationships.

Better relating skills = better relationships

More passion with less conflict in your romantic life
More intimacy with less weirdness in your friendships
More closeness with less drama in your family life
More integrity with less bullshit in your work life

We break down fundamental mechanics within the art of relating and show you,
experientially, how to practice and develop these skills in your day to day life.

Like all art, the more you can understand the techniques of what you are doing, the more beautiful the art you can create.

The canvas is relationship, and the techniques are relating.


A three stage map of conversation - how to navigate a conversation with ease
Comfort in vulnerability - know how, what and when to share
The power of curiosity - never be lost for words again
Impact and intimacy - skilfully let others know how you really feel

Low investment, high fun, serious skills.

Upcoming Workshops @ Kundalini Yoga Collective, Newtown
10AM - 5:30PM


What to expect:

Presentation of a simple set of distinctions to understand and recognise layers of depth that occur inside a conversation.

A set of practical tools to navigate gracefully between these layers, turning conversations into exciting, refreshing and fun explorations.

These practices will be done in pairs, small groups and some within the whole group. 

Practices are conversational based, safely leaning into edges of vulnerability.

About your facilitators:

Khali Young
Khali is a sexy geek. Filled with burning passion, he breathes fires of transformation and smoke of expansion.
The force of his love dispels illusions and warms the spirit. 

Damien Bohler
Damien is like the wind. Adaptable, unpredictable, untamable... and with the power to blow your fucking house down.
Also good for flying kites.

Prem Kalpa

Prem is a powerhouse, centred and grounded, she knows how to keep shit real.
Like tectonic plates shifting she will take you off balance, yet don't worry... she knows how to catch you too.